Wall of Coins Bitcoin Review

Wall of coins was launched in 2017 and it is peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency exchange. The company is still young but it is known for its user’s privacy, you can buy Bitcoins without giving any personal information. In this post, we will give you a detailed review of Wall of Coins to give better insight.

Does Wall of Coins offer its services in your country?

Coin of Walls operates in the following country: US, UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Philippines, and Romania.


Wall of Coins is one of the few Bitcoin exchanges which doesn’t need lengthy verification process to make an account. The phone number is the only personal information which is needed to buy the Bitcoins. However, when we did some research we found that Wall of coins does need some other documents like copy of your driving license or passport to verify and approve big transactions.

Limit & Liquidity

The transaction limits by a wall of coins are pretty low you can buy as little as 5 USD worth of Bitcoin and there is no maximum limit.  You can buy as many Bitcoins as you want. Most sellers on Wall of coins are not willing to sell a large amount of Bitcoin so if you want to buy a large number of Bitcoins you can use Coinbase or CoinMama. You can read the full review about both Bitcoin exchanges on our website.


Transactions are pretty fast and Bitcoins will be delivered within an hour but sometimes it also takes more than one hour as your seller have to confirm the payment.

How to create Wall of Coins account and Buy Bitcoins?

Creating Account on Wall of Coins is very easy. You can set up your account by following steps.

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Provide email. It is optional so you can skip this part.
  • Set your password and confirm the password.
  • Click signup and you are part of Wall of Coins Community.

Once you signup you will receive instructions on how to buy Bitcoins on SMS. If you are encountering any problem you can contact customer support via the toll-free number: 866 841 COIN.

How secure is Wall of Coins?

Coin of Walls keep its users’ funds in an offline cold storage which is an effective way of keeping funds sage and they can’t be easily hacked.

Transfer Fee

Coin of Walls only charges 1-2% as Transfer fee which is very low as compared to other Bitcoin Exchanges.

Is Wall of Coins is regulated?

Wall of Coins is not a regulated Exchange that’s why it doesn’t need much information about its users.

Is Wall of Coins scam?

We can’t say that but there are some negative reviews on the Wall of Coins. There are cases in which users transferred their money but they didn’t receive their coins. We also noticed that these discrepancies were common in high transactions so we will recommend you to only use Wall of Coins for small transactions. Many Victims also reported that customer support was also not responsive in their matter.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support using the live chat feature on the website. You can also use toll-free number (866) 841 2646 (COIN). Customer support is available Mon-Sat: 9am-2am EST and Sun: 9am-5pm EST.


Wall of Coins is a new Bitcoin exchange but it is also suitable if you want the fast transaction without giving away personal information. Wall of Coins only deals in cash payment so if you want to trade on their website you will have to go to the bank to deposit money. The company also doesn’t accept bank-to-bank transfer. Wall of Coins have a long way to go and with time they will improve. There are other exchanges like Local Bitcoins who provide similar service but offer many payment methods. As Wall of Coin is not regulated and reading many users reviews we will not recommend Wall of coins. You can learn about other Bitcoin exchanges with a better reputation on our website.

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