Is it possible to earn money on Bitcoins

Bitcoins were invented in 2009 and since its inception Bitcoin price has increased 13000% and since January 2017, its value has increased by 1300%. So you can earn money on Bitcoins. In this article, I will share few effective ways to make money on Bitcoins.

Following are the 2 best and effective ways to make money on Bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin Trading is one of the easiest ways of making money on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is highly volatile Cryptocurrency but if you follow the price graph you will notice that its value has increased steadily since its inception.  However, there are also some major hikes in the price graph which can give Bitcoin investors an instant profit in few hours. Bitcoin price at the start of December was around 19000 US Dollars and at the end December, Bitcoin value was dropped by 7000 US Dollar. Bitcoin value is decentralized Cryptocurrency so its value depends on factors like supply & demand and market news. If the market news is positive and its demand is increasing Bitcoin price will hike which whole world experienced in 2017 when Bitcoin price was increased to 19,000 US Dollars in December. Bitcoin Trading is not a difficult task but you should have some know-how about the trading. Bitcoin trading is just like trading stock exchange, in which you buy the exchange and hold them until their price goes up and you sell them and make a profit. As these days Bitcoin price is around 13000 US Dollars and many people are investing their money in it to buy Bitcoins. Even if you can’t afford to buy the whole Bitcoin, you can buy the Satoshi which is a smaller unit of Bitcoin and its price also increase and decrease just like Bitcoins. Many Bitcoin Experts are predicting that Bitcoin will cross the 30,000 mark in 2018.If you are new to Bitcoin and want to buy Bitcoin then you read the post about how to exchange money to Bitcoins on our website. You can use your local currency, credit cards, bank transfers and even other cryptocurrencies to buy Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin Mining is another way of earning Bitcoin in which Bitcoin miners get the Bitcoin as block reward for validating Blocks. For Bitcoin mining, you will need special equipment to start mining. In Bitcoin mining, your equipment will need high computational power to solve puzzles and validate block. Bitcoin supply has crossed the 16.7 million coins and its total supply is limited to 21 million coins only, Bitcoin mining is becoming more and more difficult and in this scenario, the best way to earn max profit is to join Mining pools in which you add your computational power with other miner and share the block reward. Popular mining pools are Antpool, BTCC, BitMiner, and Slushpool. The only way to make a handsome profit from Bitcoin mining is by join mining pools, as Bitcoin supply is increasing, block reward is decreasing and with time it will decrease. In 2018, a Bitcoin miner will earn 12.5 Bitcoin per block which was 50 Bitcoins per block in 2009. Block reward half every four years and in 2021 Block reward will be decreased to 6.25 Bitcoins per block.

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